Postdoctoral fellow

Noboru Katayama




Ph.D. (Agriculture Science), Kagoshima University, 2004

Research topic

Ecological studies in animal-plant interaction, Ecology of wild vegetables, Function of dissolved organic matters in aquatic ecosystems

Selected publications

  • Katayama N., Silva A.O., Kishida O., Ushio M., Kita S. & Ohgushi T. (2014) Herbivorous insect decreases plant nutrient uptake: the role of soil nutrient availability and association of below-ground symbionts. Ecological Entomology 39:511-518
  • Katayama N., Tsuchida T., Hojo M.K. & Ohgushi T. (2013) Aphid genotype determines intensity of ant-attendance: Do endosymbionts and honeydew composition matter? Annals of Entomological Society of America 106:761-770
  • Katayama N., Silva A.O., Kishida O. & Ohgushi T. (2013) Aphids decelerate litter nitrogen mineralization through changes in litter quality. Ecological Entomology 38:627-630
  • Katayama N., Zhang Z.Q. & Ohgushi T. (2011) Community-wide effects of belowground rhizobia on aboveground arthropods. Ecological Entomology 36:43-51
  • Katayama N., Nishida T., Zhang Z.Q. & Ohgushi T. (2010) Belowground microbial symbiont enhances plant susceptibility to a spider mite through change in soybean leaf quality. Population Ecology 52:499-506